Transforming Two-Piece Part to One Piece Reduces Failure Rate

Customer Challenge: Our challenge was to improve this product to reduce the 25% failure rate generated by the required assembly process of the two pieces.

Stalcop’s Solution: In addition to this part configuration generating a high (25%) failure rate, it was also extremely costly to manufacture. There was a machining process required to connect a machined hexagonal rod on to another machined component. The required friction weld was generating an average failure rate of 25% in the field.

Stalcop’s approach was to create the part using a long impact extrusion process. This produce a one piece component at a very competitive price. Using a single press impact operation followed by a little secondary machining generated a 55% cost reduction to the customer.

Two-Piece Design:
25% Failure Rate and Costly Production

Stalcop One-Piece Design:
Eliminated Failures in the Field and Reduced Manufacturing Cost by 55%

Benefits: The benefits were two-fold. First, we eliminated the failure in the field, and secondly, we reduced the manufacturing cost by 55% with the one piece part design.

Conclusion: Many multi-piece components can be made in one piece through cold forming, which eliminates assembly and operating failures, while reducing costs, sometimes dramatically. We look forward to demonstrating our ingenuity in helping you accomplish these types of goals.