Every part produced at Stalcop is a testimony to our dedication and skill as metal forming specialists. Our manufacturing processes and systems deliver outstanding quality performance and exceed OEM requirements. Our systems are backed by our quality assurance department to ensure that customer and ISO specifications are met and processes are followed. Quality is meeting customers’ requirements through Continuous Improvement.
Stalcop Quality Testing

Stalcop’s Inspection Processes

We take pride in producing the highest quality parts for our customers. Quality control is rigorous through every production step and all our associates are proud in taking responsibility for their own quality throughput. Our final sampling inspection process is referred as the “last eye before the customer” is supported by state-of-art inspection equipment, highly experienced technicians and backed by statistical process analysis.
Stalcop Quality Tests

Stalcop’s Core Values

  • Provide quality products that meet customers’ requirements for cost, delivery, and quality.
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified by DQS Inc.
  • Develop and sustain an environment that supports the Continuous Improvement process
  • Develop relationships with customers and suppliers that emphasize Continuous Improvement in cost, delivery and quality.

Customer Value proposition

“Offer products and services that are consistent, timely and “always” the lowest utilization cost.

  • “Always” the lowest utilization cost for the need
  • 100% On-time delivery
  • Meet the specifications: quality and consistency
  • Strong personal relations
  • Right offering: joint problem solving



ISO 9001:2015
File # 10001015

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