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What can Stalcop do for you?

Stalcop specializes in the repetitive manufacturing of customer designed specialty cold formed and precision machined components. Over the years, we have established a reputation as a dependable and globally competitive supplier.

We can tailor a complete package to meet your delivery requirements, including special stocking programs and J.I.T. shipments.

Stalcop’s Commitment

Every part produced at Stalcop is a testimony to our dedication and skill as metal forming specialists. Our manufacturing processes and systems deliver outstanding quality performance and exceed OEM requirements. Our processes are backed by our quality assurance department to ensure that customer and ISO specifications are met and processes are followed.

Our Manufacturing Processes

Cold forming allows for high speed production of intricately shaped parts. Speeds up to 400 pieces per minute can be run on wire feed headers. Tolerances produced by cold forming are repetitive. External features include, but are not limited to square, anti-rotational, geometric shapes, and multiple head configurations.

Lean Manufacturing Process

Stalcop EmployeeIn 1999, Stalcop initiated its conversion to the lean manufacturing concept baptized ‘SPS’ for the Stalcop Production System and was supported by two goals and one vision — to deliver to the customer what they need, in both quality and quantity, when they need it at the lowest possible cost and to eliminate Non-Value Added (NVA) activity in all process and operations to create a smooth, efficient and reliable workflow to make what customers need when they need it.

Stalcop is a world-class manufacturer of its products utilizing a fully implemented and sustainable Stalcop Production System. The factory is a model of a visual factory with every value-added step in the product conversion process labeled and color-coded, with the correct manufacturing and measuring equipment, with the correct machine maintenance, with a reliable and repeatable work process, with validated error proofing for critical product characteristics, with fully trained team members, performing only value-added work, with performance measures proudly displayed. Stalcop is recognized by its customers, suppliers, community, and associates as the best company in its class. Stalcop has achieved sustainable lowest-cost product manufacturing, high quality, zero PPM defective, 100% on-time delivery ratings from its customers. All non-value added work has been reduced to an absolute minimum in all functions within the company.

Today, Stalcop is recognized as the cost leader in specialty cold forming, delivering consistently an outstanding quality and delivery performances.