Being a versatile manufacture, Stalcop is able to provide our customers with high quality parts in many types of materials. Stalcop has 25 years of experience in cold forming a wide variety of materials including, but not limited to, copper (all grades), brass, silicon bronze, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, nickel, as well as many other speciality alloys. Stalcop’s experienced engineers can provide you recommendations on the best suited cold formable material to meet your specialty product requirements such as strength, electrical attributes and corrosion resistance.

For more information, specs and references on the materials used at Stalcop, please click here.

Stalcop Material Forming Experience Information Table

Steel Aluminum Copper Stainless Steel Nickel
C 1006 B AL 1060 UNS C10100 SS302 NI 200
C 1008 B AL 1100 UNS C10200 SS304 NI 201
C 1010 B AL 1350 UNS C10300 SS316L
C 1015 B AL 2017 UNS C10700 SS430
C 1018 B AL 2024 UNS C11000
C 1021 B AL 2047 UNS C15000
C 1022 B AL 2117 UNS C18150
C 1035 B AL 5056 UNS C18200
C 1038 B AL 5083 UNS C26000
C 1541 B AL 6061 UNS C65100
C 4037 B AL 7075
C 8620 B
C 8637 B


  • Al2O3 (92-99,7%)
  • steatite (C221)
  • cordierite (C410)
  • FeNi; Cu
  • Ag72Cu
  • AgPd5Cu26,5
  • MoMn

Alumina ceramic is characterized by its high mechanical strength, hardness, wear resistance, high insulation resistance, low dielectric losses, and vacuum-sealed and chemical endurance. Alumina is used in highly stressed parts for applications in mechanical, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, electronics, vacuum technologies, food industry and in the manufacture of grinding elements that require a variety of grades. Major industrial applications are: specials, rings, bushings, wire drawing dies, tubes, gauges, brazed joint metal-ceramic parts.

Steatite with its excellent mechanical and electrical properties for strength and electric insulation is suitable for applications in electrical engineering and the manufacture of metalized ceramics. Major industrial applications: specials, tubes, plates, bushings, coils, supports, ceramic capillary tubes

Cordierite is highly resistant to thermal shock, has a low thermal expansion, provides excellent insulation properties in high relative humidity conditions and is highly resistant to aggressive substances. Major industrial applications: power switch components, regulating rheostat components, catalyst substrates

Tables for Ceramics

  • Oxide ceramics based on Al2O3
  • Steatite and cordierite ceramics