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Transforming Two-Piece Part to One Piece Reduces Failure Rate


Customer Challenge: Our challenge was to improve this product to reduce the 25% failure rate generated by the required assembly process of the two pieces. Stalcop’s Solution: In addition to this part configuration generating a high (25%) failure rate, it was also extremely costly to manufacture. There was a machining process required to connect a […]

Customer Challenge: Reduce Cost of Manufacturing


Customer Challenge: Our challenge was to improve this product, which had multiple failure modes along with a very high material cost. Our goals were to correct the failure problems and to fix the operating cost for the manufacturing of this part. Stalcop’s Solution: This component started as an assembly of two machined and formed parts […]

Screw Machined Part Converts to Cold Heading for Big Savings


Customer Challenge: Offering substantial cost reduction while maintaining or enhancing two product features. One of the early challenges for Stalcop was to convert a product made from a screw machine to a cold headed version, while maintaining or improving some key product features and functions. The features required were an anti-rotation and anti-extraction accomplished by […]