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Screw Machined Part Converts to Cold Heading for Big Savings


Customer Challenge: Offering substantial cost reduction while maintaining or enhancing two product features.

One of the early challenges for Stalcop was to convert a product made from a screw machine to a cold headed version, while maintaining or improving some key product features and functions. The features required were an anti-rotation and anti-extraction accomplished by the knurled portion of the original design (see before image).

Stalcop’s Solution: Stalcop’s approach was very dramatic and offered one distinct feature for each function, which actually improved their respective strengths.

Original Design:

  • 112 grams;
  • 61% waste;
  • 30 seconds cycle time
  • Stalcop design

Stalcop Design:

  • 44 grams;
  • 3.72 seconds cycle time;
  • 61% material saving;
  • 61% plating saving;
  • 88% process cost reduction.

Benefits: Our product design resulted in a reduced gross weight of only 44 grams compared to the original 112 grams, reducing the material cost by 61%. In addition, our design reduced the machining cycle time from 30 seconds to only 3.72 seconds per piece, thus reducing machining time by 88%. Lastly, as with many of our products, this part required a plating operation. With a plating cost directly related to the product weight, our design produced an additional savings of 61% in plating costs.

Conclusion: This is just one example of how we reduce waste, reduce costs and increase production for our clients every day. We look forward to demonstrating our ingenuity in helping you accomplish your cost savings and production efficiency goals.